Final HSC English Intensive Courses (3 x 1st in NSW Presenters)



October 9, 2021
Oct 9
Oct 16, 2021
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Course Description:

Developed and presented by three $\mathbf{1^\text{st}}$ in NSW HSC English Achievers, Premier Tutors' offers you the opportunity to learn from the state's finest and most experienced HSC English experts. We will take you through both Paper 1 (standard and advanced students) as well as each of the modules for Paper 2 (advanced) during Seminar, using our own 1st in NSW techniques, essays and analysis.

The seminar is perfect for:

  • Both Advanced and Standard English students (Paper 1 Seminars)
  • Advanced English students (Paper 2 Seminars)
  • All students who are looking for the most efficient and effective way to secure a Band 6 in HSC English
  • Additional support for stronger students who are already performing well in English and are looking for the subtle refinements and tips to take them into the high Band 6 range

Spots are limited. Make sure you register to secure your spot!

1st in NSW Presenters

A truly unprecedented line-up of presenters, with three who have placed outright $1^\text{st}$ in NSW for English.

20/20 in Every Section

We will teach you exactly what 20/20 looks like in each section of the exam. See an incredible improvement in just a few hours.

We Will Cover:

  • How to score full marks in reading tasks (strategy and model answers)
  • How to score 20/20 in all essays
  • A bulletproof action plan for the HSC

1st in NSW Resources

Practice with our 10+ full length mock exams for the common module (coming soon for mod. A, B, C), as well as exclusive 1st in NSW notes from the seminar.

How it Works:

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Meet your Team:



ATAR: 99.95, Dux of Cranbrook School 2018. HSC English specialist.



ATAR: 99.95, $1^\text{st}$ in NSW English Adv., $1^\text{st}$ in NSW English Ext. 2, $3^\text{rd}$ in NSW for English Ext. 1, University of Cambridge



ATAR: 99.70, $1^\text{st}$ in NSW for English Ext. 1 2017

Format and Delivery:

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Seminar Times:

The seminar will be hosted online using Microsoft Teams. You will receive a link to join once you sign up.

  • Common Module - Saturday the 9$^\text{th}$ of October, 5:30 - 7:30 pm
  • Module A - Tuesday the 12$^\text{th}$ of October, 5:30 - 7:00 pm
  • Module C - Thursday the 14$^\text{th}$ of October, 5:30 - 7:00 pm
  • Module B - Saturday the 16$^\text{th}$ of October, 5:30 - 7:00 pm


Jesse was honestly an outstanding tutor and a major reason why I was able to achieve a 99.50 ATAR in the HSC. After sitting my first English Advanced assessment and being disappointed with a 10/20 for my common module essay and an overall assessment mark of 69%, I turned to Jesse for assistance. Straight away, I saw his knowledge and experience in English and teaching it; his lessons were very individualised and he had a knack for discerning areas of improvement, such as my initial thesis and cohesiveness when creating an ‘essay skeleton’. This personalised approach was invaluable to my improvement, and certainly triumphed over a group tutoring centre that I visited prior which lacked the insight and specificity that Jesse provided in his feedback. He was really kind and provided imperative advice to anything I sent him both in and out of lessons from rephrasing sentences to evaluating my written introductions. These things not only enabled me to achieve a 20/20 for the same essay in the HSC, but motivated me to improve in all areas of English, culminating in an overall mark of 94. So, if you’d like a tutor who knows what he’s talking about, who provides useful and impactful feedback, and strives to see you improve in English, then Jesse is your guy!


Jesse was honestly the best tutor I could have ever asked for! Jesse started tutoring me for English Advanced and English Extension 1 around Term 2 of Year 12. I was struggling a bit (especially in Extension) and felt like I needed the extra help to ensure I could achieve the best marks possible. Jesse’s lessons were highly personalised and tailored to whatever needs I had, and involved things like going through the rubrics and texts with me, helping me plan out my practice responses, and then providing me with constructive feedback and edits on full drafts of my practice responses. He was always very clear in the way he communicated and would always be open to answer any questions I had. He made sure I was on top of everything my school was teaching me, but also pushed me to go above and beyond that. He had a wealth of knowledge that he imparted to me, that matched even some of the most experienced teachers. I felt like I grew immensely as a student of English with Jesse, which was reflected in my final marks of 97/100 in English Advanced, 47/50 in English Extension 1 and an ATAR of 99.45. I would never have been able to achieve these marks without him. Not only this, Jesse was such a nice and friendly person and super easy to talk to, and I would always look forward to our lessons. I would 100% recommend Jesse to anyone.


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