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Delivered by Sydney's finest State-Rank HSC Chemistry tutors, Rhys Mackintosh ($3^\text{rd}$ in NSW), Oliver Oayda ($7^\text{th}$ in NSW) and Heath Hasemer ($7^\text{th}$ in NSW) and powered by our renowned Chemistry course materials (developed by over 17 tutors who have state-ranked Chemistry), our course is truly unrivalled in quality. Streamline your learning through a systematised and accelerated program that is designed to help you achieve the very best results possible in Year 11 and 12 Chemistry.

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ATAR: 99.95, Sydney Grammar Dux Proxime, $2^\text{nd}$ in NSW for Biology and $7^\text{th}$ in NSW for Chemistry



ATAR: 99.90, Dux of The Scots College, $7^\text{th}$ in NSW for Chemistry



ATAR: 99.95, $3^\text{rd}$ in NSW for Chemistry, $7^\text{th}$ in NSW for Physics

Format and Delivery:

Premier Tutors Resources

Premier Tutors Resources

Core to our Chemistry program at Premier Tutors are our proprietary resources. Designed by over 17 state-rank tutors, our Chemistry resources prioritise making mastery of the HSC curriculum as efficient as possible and giving you access to the entire difficulty gradient of questions that you can expect to encounter.

Notes Crafted by the State's Top Achievers

Beautifully written and clearly organised, our notes make it simple for you to gain a comprehensive and complete understanding of the entire curriculum..

Theory section samples from the Premier Tutors course notes. View full sample here.

Intelligent Exercises

Unlike textbooks which typically just skim the surface of what is tested in the HSC, our exercises offer you the full gradient of difficulty. They include the difficult, multi-level problems that are seldom encountered at school or in-textbooks, but form the core of school and HSC assessments. Whether you are aiming to score in the very high 90s, or simply wishing to achieve a Band 6, our exercises intelligently segregate questions based on what you want to achieve, no matter how ambitious you are.

Exercise section samples from the Premier Tutors course notes. View full sample here.

Our exercises are carefully segregated as follows:

  1. Introductory: We believe that the minimum standard that you should be aiming for is a Band 6. Our introductory section targets what you need to know so that you can comfortably secure this.
  2. Advanced: For our students aiming for marks between 90-100, the advanced section will enable you to comprehensively master the abstraction and creativity core to the most difficult questions examinable in the HSC.
  3. Extension: Our Extension questions go above and beyond the scope of the HSC. They cater specifically to our most capable students, particularly those looking to gain admission into the world's top international universities. They are a truly unique part of the Premier Tutors experience, crafted by our most distinguished tutors, including Gold Medal International Olympiad winners.

Fully Worked Solutions at the Click of a Button

Not only have our team have taken the time to craft fully worked solutions to our exercise problems, they have cleverly hyperlinked them to each question. Move effortlessly between question and solution. Drastically improve your efficiency, by using the worked solutions to confidently guide yourself through questions that are past your comfort zone.

Fully worked solutions at the click of a button.



Our course is designed so that you will finish the HSC content at the end of Term 1 Year 12. You will then have room for an additional 20 weeks cumulative, examination-style, revision of the entire course from top to bottom.

Premier Tutors Year 11-12 HSC Timeline

Because of our accelerated program, you will be HSC-ready before trials so that you can perform optimally in what will likely be for the rest of your contemporaries at school, a stressful and difficult period to perform well. Our focus on trial preparedness will also put you at a comparative advantage, enabling you to obtain the best possible internal position.



Classes are hosted online through Microsoft Teams Enterprise Edition, enabling you to work with the finest tutors, no matter where you live. We have a variety of class times on offer and will be in touch with you after enrolment to find the best stream for you.

Trial Period

Trial Period

You can try out this group classes for two weeks before you pay for the term to make sure that it is exactly what you need and that you get immense value from our tutoring.

There is a 110.00 AUD inc. GST enrolment fee (per class) for the two-week trial (to cover administrative and software licensing costs), which is refunded if you enrol for the term (credited against term fees).

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