Private Tutoring

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Our Unique Approach to Tutoring

We are the only tutoring organisation in Australia that is able to invest in providing both private tuition and high-quality proprietary learning resources to our students.

State Rank Tutors

Premier Tutors offers students the opportunity to work with tutors who have achieved NSW state ranks and/or ATARs between 99.80 and 99.95. Additionally, tutors must demonstrate exceptional communication and teaching skills to work with us.

Our standard for tutors is very high because we appreciate its impact on results and a quality learning experience. A good tutor can clearly explain difficult concepts in a way that is logical and easily comprehensible. They are able to use their own experience, and the experience of colleagues, to show you exactly how to achieve your specific goals. This is what we bring to tutoring at Premier Tutors.

Premier Tutors' Resources

Sample course notes for our HSC Biology Course prepared by our tutors who placed $1^\text{st}$ and $2^\text{nd}$ in NSW for Biology.
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For each hour we tutor, we dedicate nine additional hours to writing our own proprietary course notes at Premier Tutors.

These are authored by the top tutors in the state. Our team includes tutors who have placed outright $1^\text{st}$ in NSW for one or more subjects, tutors who have achieved perfect ATARs of 99.95, tutors who have achieved 45/45 in the IB, as well as National Olympiad Gold Medal Winners.

We invest in developing our own resources because they achieve results and make tutoring efficient:

  • By preparing all of our academic material in advance, our tutors are able to cover almost twice as much content in a single lesson then would normally be possible with standard private tutoring.
  • We are able to provide meaningful and high-quality homework for students to complete between lessons.

With Premier Tutors, you not only have one-on-one access to the best tutors in the state; you go one step further to benefit from the collective knowledge of the entire team through our course notes. Our course notes give you access to the challenging problems (and their fully worked solutions) that you don’t get for homework, but which come up in exams.

Course notes are available for major K-12 subjects, for both the HSC and the IB.

We Specialise in Private, In-Home Tutoring

Private or one-on-one tutoring is unquestionably the most efficient and effective form of learning. There are two key reasons for this:

Learn Efficiently

Private tutoring enables you to allocate time dynamically. You can focus on what you need to improve on and move quickly through what you are already confident with.

Lessons are structured around you:

  • If you have assessments at school, they become the focus.
  • If you are looking to get ahead, so to alleviate pressure from other subjects, our course notes facilitate structured and effective tutoring.

This is why private tutoring is the most effective way to achieve the best academic results.

Our Program Gets Tailored to You

Schools cover topics in different orders to each other. This is why a tailored program works so well; with Premier Tutors, we will adjust the order in which we teach content to your school schedule. This allows you to perform optimally in every assessment.