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At Premier Tutors, it is our mission to provide an effective, end-to-end tutoring approach for students undertaking the International Baccalaureate (IB). Recognising that the IB is dramatically different to both the HSC and VCE, our services are IB-specific and designed to teach students the strategies needed to achieve top marks in IB-style exams and assessments. Further, our services span all components of the IB curriculum to ensure that every student is expertly supported throughout the entirety of their senior studies.

Without exception, every IB tutor at Premier Tutors has achieved a score of 44/45 or 45/45.

IB Tutoring

We have a dedicated team of tutors who all achieved outstanding results in the IB diploma and know what it takes to excel academically in this program.

IB Advisory

Premier Tutors offers consultation services to help students determine if the IB diploma course is suited to their learning style, skills and study methods.

Specialist Services

In addition to tutoring, Premier Tutors provides specialist services to assist IB students with both the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge components of the course.

IB Tutoring

At Premier Tutors, we recognise that the IB syllabus is drastically different to that of the HSC and, as such, we do not apply a one-size-fits-all tutoring approach to both programs. Instead, our IB tutoring is specifically designed to meet the demands of the course.

In the IB diploma, students undertake six subject courses spanning a range of disciplines, including English, maths, science and the humanities. Three subjects are completed at a higher level and the other three at a standard level. In addition, students are required to submit an Extended Essay (EE), complete the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course and take part in Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS). Our tutoring services at Premier Tutors are tailored to assist students to attain maximum results in all components of the course.

IB Subjects

At Premier Tutors, our tutoring team covers a broad range of subject specialities, allowing us to provide assistance for almost any subject offered in the IB diploma.

Our Unique Resources

Practising IB-style questions is undoubtedly one of the best ways to achieve top results in the IB program. At Premier Tutors, we have education materials which are specifically designed for the IB course. These resources are implemented in our tutoring lessons in order to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of our services.

  1. Efficiency - Our resource-backed approach delivers efficiency for our students, maximising the benefits each student receives from the time they spend with their tutor. By preparing all of our lessons and materials in advance, our tutors are able to cover almost twice as much content in a single lesson than would normally be possible with standard private tutoring.
  2. Effectiveness - The subject notes and homework tasks that we use in our tutoring lessons are of the highest standard. In addition, our tutors incorporate their own strategies for success into their teaching, allowing students to attain maximum results in all of their assessments. Our approach has meant that Premier Tutors achieved the highest student ATAR average (99.65) in 2017.

IB Advisory - Assisting With Subject Choices

Choosing between the IB and your state’s standard course (e.g. the HSC or VCE) can be challenging. At Premier Tutors, we simplify this task. Our IB advisors consider a student's learning style, skills, interests and study methods to advise which program may be best suited.

If the student subsequently decides to pursue the IB diploma, our advisors can assist with subject selection. They will work with you to design a course program that plays to your strengths and balances high-content subjects. Further, you can speak to our tutors to get a better understanding of what is involved for each subject. Towards the beginning of Year 12, our team can also assist with standard level and higher level subject selections.

Theory of Knowledge Assistance

The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course is assessed through both an oral presentation and an essay, which must be written on one of the set, compulsory questions released by the IB Organisation. At Premier Tutors, we offer services designed to help students achieve the maximum marks possible for TOK. Our tutoring addresses both the oral presentation and written essay components of the course. The students are also able to view a range of example essays and presentations to show them the standards required by the IB.

Extended Essay Assistance

The Extended Essay is arguably the most challenging aspect of the IB diploma. Each student is required to submit a 4,000 word research paper on a topic of interest. Recognising how difficult this task can be for students, Premier Tutors offers extended essay support. We match each student with a tutor who wrote their own extended essay in the chosen subject area. Our tutors guide their students through the extended essay process, starting with research question development and concluding with perfecting the final essay prior to submission.

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