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Expert HSC Essay Marking and Review:

Premier Tutors' HSC Essay Marking and Review service is the most trusted way to get the best professional advice on your essays, assignments and/or notes. Use our essay marking service to:

  • Have your assignments or essays professionally reviewed
  • Receive quality feedback on your scanned practice exams
  • Have our team review your notes for high-quality feedback

We only work with the finest tutors at Premier Tutors. Our team includes the most 99.95 achievers and state-rank tutors in the state. With over 10 years of marking experience for the HSC, our team know exactly what it takes to score full marks and we are committed to helping you do the same.

We are so confident in the quality of our work that we are the only marking service in Sydney (that we know of) to offer a quality guarantee (see our terms and conditions for more details).

Here are just some of the reasons why top HSC students trust Premier Tutors for their essay marking:

Seriously, our turn-around times are fast. Get your work back in 12, 24 or 48 hours. See below for available subjects.

Sydney's Top HSC Markers

Our team includes over 200 top state-rankers and over 30 $1^\text{st}$ in NSW achievers.

We offer a 100% guarantee on the quality of our service. Terms and conditions apply.

Your essays and details are kept strictly confidential. We use stripe and SSL for all payments.

Available Subjects:

We offer expedited turn-around options for our most popular subjects, as well as options for more niche subjects by request:

Turn around:
12, 24 or 48 hours:
Debating and Public Speaking
HSC Ancient History
HSC Business Studies
HSC Drama
HSC Economics
HSC English Adv.
HSC English Ext. 1
HSC English Ext. 2
HSC English Std.
HSC French
HSC Geography
HSC History Ext.
HSC Legal Studies
HSC Modern History
HSC Visual Arts (VA)
24 or 48 hours:
HSC Biology
HSC Chemistry
HSC Design and Technology (DT)
HSC Latin Cont.
HSC Mathematics Adv.
HSC Mathematics Ext. 1
HSC Mathematics Ext. 2
HSC Mathematics Std.
HSC Physics
HSC Studies of Religion (SOR I and II)
HSC Classical Greek Cont.
HSC German
HSC Italian
HSC Music
HSC Spanish

Looking for assistance with a subject that is not listed above? Click here to let us know and we can see if we can help you.

Meet Our Team:

Below is a snapshot of our team of over 100 HSC markers. We only work with the finest and the best at Premier Tutors and by trusting your essay marking with us, you can guarantee that you will be receiving the highest quality feedback available.


ATAR: 99.95, $1^\text{st}$ in NSW English Adv., $1^\text{st}$ in NSW English Ext. 2, $3^\text{rd}$ in NSW for English Ext. 1, University of Cambridge


ATAR: 99.95, Sydney Grammar, $1^\text{st}$ in NSW for Biology, $1^\text{st}$ in NSW for French Ext., $1^\text{st}$ in NSW VA


ATAR: 99.95, $3^\text{rd}$ in NSW for Chemistry, $7^\text{th}$ in NSW for Physics

The essay marking service provided by Premier Tutors has been extremely helpful and a great stress reliever for my Year 12 daughter. The essays submitted have obviously been reviewed thoroughly with carefully considered commentary and constructive suggestions for improvement. The turnaround time is always within the time frame required and often within a few hours! To receive comprehensive feedback from tutors who have achieved such exceptional results is absolutely invaluable.

Mother of Year 12 Student, Ascham (English Advanced)

Mark my Essay:

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* If the words submitted exceeds that nominated, we will only be able mark up to the nominated number amount of words.


Your essay is uploaded and sent to our team of expert markers for extensive, high-quality feedback.


We return your essay to you by email as a pdf file in lightening fast time!

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