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Course Description:

Designed and developed by Sydney’s top HSC achievers, our HSC English Adv. (Year 11) course offers you a truly unparalleled foundation in HSC English so that you can achieve the very best results possible in both Year 11 and Year 12.

Paired with an around-the-clock essay marking service, the course offers you flexibility when you need it for additional personalised support. Taking the Year 11 curriculum as a base, the course elevates your core critical, analytical and writing skills to a high band 6 standard, utilising a streamlined, content-backed approach that is powered by our renowned course materials.

Meet your Team:



ATAR: 99.95, Dux of Cranbrook School 2018. HSC English specialist.



ATAR: 99.85, 8th in NSW for English Adv, Wenona Dux 2017



ATAR: 99.70, $1^\text{st}$ in NSW for English Ext. 1 2017

Format and Delivery:

Solidify Foundations,
Master Sophistication.

Solidify Foundations, Master Sophistication.

Expanding on the year 11 syllabus, our course gives you an unparalleled foundation in:

  • Critical skills: technique recognition, tone identification and authorial intent;
  • Analytical skills: thematic analysis and quote explanation; and
  • Essay writing skills: structure, theses writing, introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions
  • Creative writing skills: writing discursively persuasively and imaginatively

ahead of Year 12. It gives you the best opportunity to strengthen your areas of weakness before they will count towards your ATAR in Year 12. It will enable you to be fully prepared to write to a high band-6 standard when you start Year 12.

Peerless in quality, our course then goes above and beyond to develop sophistication in writing common only to the very best students in the state. Having achieved the highest grades possible in HSC English (97/100 or higher) ourselves and having amassed significant experience tutoring English, we will teach you how to write with the flair and distinction needed to top the state.



Our course includes access to resources developed and prepared by our team of over 40 tutors who have state-ranked English, including 6 tutors who have placed outright $1^\text{st}$ in NSW for English.

  • For our Year 11 course, our skills-based program only looks at the most popular texts studied as examples but does not limit its focus to a range of texts - giving it the important flexibility required when schools are able to choose any texts that they wish
  • Once students progress to Year 12 and texts become standardised, our classes split into text-specific classes and students are able to access our text-specific resources



Classes are hosted online through Microsoft Teams Enterprise Edition, enabling you to work with the finest tutors, no matter where you live. We have a variety of class times on offer and will be in touch with you after enrolment to find the best stream for you.



Our HSC English Adv. course run for 8 weeks per term, and includes:

  • Weekly 2 hour lessons
  • Access to our course materials
  • Review of homework and out of hours support
  • 150.00 AUD in essay marking credit to use each term (2-3 full-length essays) professionally marked and reviewed by our team (available for students who commence at the start of the term).

The fees are 1287.00 AUD per term inc. GST (inc. 150.00 AUD in essay marking credit). This fee can be prorated for students who join during the term.

Trial Period

Trial Period

You can try out this group classes for two weeks before you pay for the term to make sure that it is exactly what you need and that you get immense value from our tutoring.

There is a 110.00 AUD inc. GST enrolment fee (per class) for the two-week trial (to cover administrative and software licensing costs), which is refunded if you enrol for the term (credited against term fees).

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